6 Questions About Thermage

6 Questions About Thermage

What is Thermage & how does it work?


Thermage is a non-surgical radiofrequency treatment, which heats up and stimulates your face’s natural collagen. This in turn denatures it, allowing your body’s own process to lay down new collagen over a period time.


Who is the ideal candidate?


Patients who are seeking a treatment to achieve general skin tightening or perhaps wanting to enhance their depleting collagen, which is a natural effect of ageing.

Generally our patients are in their mid to late 30s and beyond.


Why are Thermage treatments different at Preface Cosmetic?


Thermage is quite a popular treatment in Sydney and Melbourne. This popularity has lead to an increase in treatments performed by nurses and beauty therapists.

Although they are more than capable of performing Thermage, nurses and beauty therapists are limited by the pain and comfort of the patient. As Preface Cosmetic is a surgical centre, we have anaesthetists on hand who are able to offer a twilight anaesthetic, meaning you aren’t limited by and will not experience pain.

This simply means that we can go further with Thermage, thereby achieving the desired result


How many treatments are required?


Thermage is usually a once-off treatment that lasts for around three years, however it’s not uncommon for patients to return after this time for a second treatment.


What results can be expected?


New collagen will gradually form over a period of months following a Thermage treatment. Over this time you will notice continued improvements to the contouring of your skin, offering fuller and more toned results with greater texture.

Unlike products such as dermal fillers and cheaper treatments on the market, Thermage results can last for years.


Is there any downtime or risks involved with Thermage?


There is no downtime following a Thermage treatment itself, however if the patient chooses to incorporate a twilight anaesthetic, then you need to allow a full day for the treatment, and organise a driver to take you to and from the clinic.


Results from our treatments and procedures vary patient to patient according to factors including genetics, age, diet and exercise. It is recommended to seek a second opinion from a Specialist Surgeon before proceeding.
Like medical procedure, this treatment carries the risk of undesirable outcomes. More information on risks and recovery of each procedure is available on our website.


For more information regarding Thermage, visit thermage.net.au