Advanced Facials

Advanced Facials

Facials at Prèface Cosmetic have taken on a new look and so will your skin.


Our advanced laser facials are now available for clients in Newcastle & East Maitland.

Level 1. Firming Enzyme Treatment

Plump your skin with a boost of peptides and enzymes to target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A perfect introduction to the facial treatment to boost radiance, hydration and overall look and feel of your skin.

Level 2. Power Pumpkin Resurfacer


At Prèface Cosmetic every part of your pumpkin spice latte will go to use, with the pulp of the pumpkin in combination with beta and alpha hydroxy acids acting to combat ageing and problematic skin. While you sip away the pulp will exfoliate your skin and imbue it with essential vitamins and minerals.

This level of facial treatment will help to illuminate your skin tone, leaves you more hydrated and with a smooth texture.


Level 3. Even Skin Treatment


This final level is not for the faint-hearted and not compatible for those who have sensitive or delicate skin.

A trio of acids – Lactic, Madelic and Phytic – work in harmony to even skin tone and decrease the appearance of dark or pigmented areas. Most patients experience a heavy peeling sensation to remove damaged skin.

What’s left behind is smooth, even toned, revitalised skin, promoting epidural rejuvenation.

All three levels of facial treatment undergo LED light therapy and can be paired with other laser or collagen treatment plans for added results.

The benefits to these advanced facials is that each of them work in a way that promotes natural healing and the regeneration of collagen that makes your skin elastic and have that bouncy, fresh look.

To read more about our LED light therapy services or learn more about collagen check out our other blogs (Dèesee Pro LED Mask/All About Collagen).