Advanced Facials

Advanced Facials at Prèface Cosmetic

Whether you’re looking to address pigmentation, acne, fine lines, or to elevate your regular skin regime, Prèface Cosmetic will customise an Advanced Facial to your skin requirements


Our facials are formulated over three levels:


  • Level 1: Pumpkin Enzyme Treatment
  • Level 2: EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid (MA) & EnerPeel® JR
  • Level 3: EnerPeel® Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)


All Advanced Facials include LED light therapy and treatment can be enhanced with ongoing Laser Facials every two – six weeks. Of course these treatments are easily combined with other laser or collagen treatment plans.

Level 1: Pumpkin Enzyme Treatment

Pumpkin enzyme 10%, salicylic acid 10%, glycolic acid 10% – pH 3.5


Discover the power of our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Mask. Formulated with the perfect balance of over 100 beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, Pumpkin Enzyme and glycolic & salicylic acids.


  • Increase your skin’s elasticity
  • Removes dull and dead skin
  • Gives your skin a healthy glow
  • Even out your complexion and reduce dark marks

Level 2: EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid (MA)


SkinMed® EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid (MA) utilises a patented carrier technology, to transport 40% Mandelic Acid (20% active and 20% inactive, which releases Mandelic acid once in the skin) plus 5% MSM.


This combination of ingredients combined in the unique patented carrier solution to treat various skin conditions and can also be used for pigmentation and anti-ageing in darker skins at risk of inflammatory pigmentation.


  • Used to treat acne and telangiectasia
  • Effectively gain control of rosacea
  • Safe for higher Fitzpatrick skin types

Level 2: EnerPeel® Jessner’s Revised (JR)


SkinMed® EnerPeel® JR utilises a patented carrier technology, to transport 15% Salicylic Acid Acid, 14% Resorcinol and 20% Lactic Acid deep into the skin for the treatment of dermal pigmentation.


  • Treatment of dermal pigmentation and melasma
  • Can be used for anti-ageing
  • Opens up clogged pores and reduces oil production
  • Leaves skin looking bright and fresh
  • Safe for higher Fitzpatrick skin types

Level 3: EnerPeel® Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)


Enerpeel® TCA 25% is a medium to deep acting remodelling solution. Delivered within an EnerPeel® carrier solution, it is taken deep into the skin before being released to increase the dermal effect on promoting maximum fibre revision, stimulating processes causing old fibre matrix breakdown, while replacing it with a more elastic and fluid collagen elastin mix, all lubricated by higher levels of hyaluronic acid, which reduce the rate of collagen binding so wrinkle formation is slowed and minimised.


We also aim to better control epidermal trauma and erythema through reducing the TCAs activity at the surface utilising epidermal active ingredients to reduce post inflammatory issues.


  • Address fine wrinkles & sun damage
  • Improve superficial discolouration such as age spots
  • Improve texture and tone
  • Use by doctor only
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