‘All Cosmetic Clinics Are the Same’

‘All Cosmetic Clinics Are the Same’

Cosmetic Industry Misconceptions


Welcome to our new blog series titled Cosmetic Industry Misconceptions.

These blog posts are delivered directly by Dr. H. and are aimed at informing current and future Preface Cosmetic patients on the current industry misconceptions and the Preface Cosmetic difference.

The first blog relates to the common misconception within the industry that:

All Cosmetic clinics are the same


Many local and even internationally acclaimed cosmetic clinics are not run by, nor have qualified doctors or surgeons working. Some clinics have beauticians or at best nurses performing laser treatments on your face and body.

Some clinics offer injectables done by nurse practitioners and only have Skype consultations with the doctor as a one off. Other clinics have doctors visiting the clinics on occasion to do the injectables.

At Preface Cosmetic, you will be seen at your first visit by a qualified Nurse practitioner and Dermal Therapist who will take Visea Images of your face and discuss options with you for a treatment plan. You will then meet Dr. Hollenbach, who will assess you and your needs and discuss various options, surgical, non-surgical or both.

Dr. Hollenbach is a highly qualified, specialist Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon who will perform all of your procedures at subsequent visits.

All cosmetic clinics are NOT the same.