Anti-wrinkle Injections Make You Smile

Anti-wrinkle Injections Make You Smile

Cosmetic Industry Misconceptions


Here is the third instalment from our blog series ” Cosmetic Industry Misconceptions”

These blog posts are delivered directly by Dr. H. and are aimed at informing current and future Preface Cosmetic patients on the current industry misconceptions and the Preface Cosmetic difference.


This week we are looking at the misconception that:

Anti-Wrinkle injections make you smile:

When you have your anti-wrinkle injection, you may get an inner smile because your wrinkles have gone.

Pity, because in actual fact, you can’t really smile at all.

When we smile, it’s not just our mouths that smile. Our eyes smile and our whole face becomes animated. This is manifested with lines and wrinkles which define who we are. After anti-wrinkle injections this is impossible and we only smile with our mouths (if we’re lucky).

At Preface Cosmetic, we offer other procedures that allow you to keep your smile but soften your lines.

Platelet injections, laser and collagen treatments will achieve this outcome in a natural way.


Smile 🙂