Chins and Jowls

Chins and Jowls


Here at Prèface Cosmetic we see many clients who are concerned with their jawline, jowls, and chin area. Dr Hollenbach has expertise in many techniques which help in rejuvenation of these areas of the face, which unfortunately tend to exhibit sagging, looseness and fat deposition as a cause of collagen loss with age and the unmitigated loss in the fight against gravity.


This area is best divided into two:


  1. The jawline and the jowls
  2. The chin itself

The Jawline and the Jowls


Jowling is caused by sagging of the mid face and loss of definition of the jawline as a result of age and loss of collagen. Whilst a traditional facelift can address some of these concerns, surgery designed to lift the lower face alone can often at times be more effective.


This is where a Ribbon Lift comes into its own. Absorbable Endotine Ribbons are inserted through a surgical procedure underneath the muscles of the lower face and jowls and attached to the tissues around the bones both in front of or behind the ear or using a combination of both techniques. The ribbons, which themselves dissolve over a period of time, leave scarring in the areas of the attachment, resulting in a long lasting lift of these areas which has a natural appearance. As the muscles themselves are lifted, this effect is quite pronounced and jowling is often minimised restoring a more youthful appearance with the greater definition of the jawline.


This is a surgical procedure requiring hospitalisation and general anaesthesia with a downtime of up to 6 weeks. The side effects of this treatment are similar to those encountered after facelifting.

Are there less invasive and non-surgical techniques to address the Chin and Jowl area?


For those who are averse to such an invasive procedure, thread lifting of this area is performed, but this time using only anchoring Aptos Threads which are long-lasting. Immobilisation of that part of the face following the procedure is imperative lest the threads give way and lose their tightening effect.


In the same way that dermal fillers can help definition of the jaw, Lipofilling in this area can be effective in defining the jaw as well.


Jaw tightening and jowling can be reduced using completely non-invasive techniques, which are collagen stimulants such as Thermage, eTwo Sublative and even Pellevé.


The effects after these treatments are not instantaneous but after a few months improvement is seen by all if compared to pre-operative photos.



Dr Hollenbach has a favourite technique for this part of the face, especially to deal with ‘double chins’, which he has perfected over a period of time.


This technique involves a combination of either Promoitalia iNeedle or or similar Aptos threading using a trampoline effect combined with laser liposuction. This is a very effective and fairly non-invasive procedure in this part of the face.


For those who want an even less invasive procedure, Thermage and several other treatments help with collagen production and skin tightening as well.


If there is not too much excess fat in this area this is a very good technique, however ultimately if a ‘double chin’ is the problem then the laser liposuction would be indicated to achieve the aesthetic result needed.

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