Introducing Disappearing Inc. by Prèface Cosmetic

Introducing Disappearing Inc. by Prèface Cosmetic

Does your old tattoo not fit with the new you?


Up until now, upper-hunter residents have found it difficult to access tattoo removal locally. Introducing, Disappearing Inc. Laser tattoo removal for Maitland and Upper Hunter locals performed or supervised by our specialist Doctor.


You will be treated by either Dr Eugene Hollenbach (MBBS, FRANZCO, FAAFPS), a specialist Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Surgeon with twenty years of experience, or Sally Cook, a highly skilled dermal therapist and qualified beauty therapist with extensive experience in laser tattoo removal. Sally also has over 15 years of experience in the beauty and cosmetic medical industry.


Our Pain-Free Advantage:


The advantage here is that your supervising doctor, Dr Hollenbach, can administer appropriate pain management solutions to ensure a relatively painless experience.

Dr Hollenbach uses differing wavelengths of laser light to treat certain different colours of tattoo ink. Our tattoo removal laser sends extremely fast pulses of light energy into a tattooed area of your skin.

Disappearing Inc. uses the Medlite Nd:YAG Dual Wavelength Laser system. This is one of the most technologically advanced non-ablative lasers for removing tattoos (as well as pigmented lesions). Each and every laser treatment breaks down more ink until the tattoo is no longer visible. You’ll have a blank canvas (of skin) once again.


Please visit our brand new website Disappearing Inc. for more information, frequently asked questions and to book a consultation.