Enerpeel Medical Chemical Peels



Enerpeel® medical skin peels offer skin remodelling for all kinds of skin conditions and problems and on any area of the face or body. These nonmedical skin peels remove surface skin cells and encourage the creation of new ones, for a smoother more luminous skin. This superficial effect delivers a short term benefit which means they need to be repeated frequently.


Unlike others, where the full power of the acid peel is exposed to the skin surface on application and gradually travels deeper, Enerpeel® restrains the power of the acid at the surface and then releases it after absorption to maximize remodelling – which is why it has been nicknamed the ‘inner peel’. Enerpeel® also allows us to add non-peeling active ingredients into the skin at the same time to help treat skin issues such as acne, acne scarring, stretch marks, melsama and pigmentation.


A course of 3-4 chemical peels is needed to be of maximum benefit. These are 1 every 10 days to 2 weeks and preceded by a month’s skin preparation. Preparation is important to ensure that your skin benefits fully from the effects of the peel whilst allowing you to continue with your daily routine uninterrupted by peeling and flaking skin.

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Britt, who does all our peels says “Once these therapies are used pre and post procedure, people fall in love with the results and continue to use them as part of their daily skin routine.”