Facelifts Look Good. Right?

Facelifts Look Good. Right?

Alternatives to Facelifts


Why do facelifts always get a negative reaction when dropped in conversation?


Facelifts look good. Right?


Do you really think so?

Maybe the first one and only then if you’ve had it done BEFORE you’ve lost all your naturally occurring collagen. Wait a few years and your only option is another face lift. This time they will need to pull you way too tight.

At Preface Cosmetic we do it a little different. This is not to say that a face lift may not be appropriate for some of our clients. But generally speaking we can offer a similar amount of rejuvenation without such a radical procedure.

Fat grafting, thread-lifting, collagen rejuvenation with platelets and radio-frequency, followed by laser resurfacing may get you comparable results without the pain both financial and physical.

Less downtime and with less compromise in the future to perform additional procedures if required.