Fraxel re:pair

Fraxel re:pair


Fraxel re:pair is a revolutionary fractionated CO2 laser for skin resurfacing. It is designed to treat wrinkles and fine lines, address significant tone, texture and pigmentation and refresh your appearance – all in a single treatment. It is effective and a more comfortable alternative to surgical procedures.


Involved downtime – 2 -4 weeks.

Please note: This treatment requires a twilight anaesthetic

Fraxel re:pair is designed to address the following:

Fine lines and wrinkles

General skin damage

Sun damaged skin

Skin texture and tone

Pore size

Acne scarring

Facial scarring

Excessive upper eyelid skin (dermatochalasis)

Excessive lower eyelid skin

Eyelid droop

Crows feet

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About Laser Skin Rejuvenation at Prèface Cosmetic


At Prèface Cosmetic we do not believe in compromise and have selected the most technologically advanced and comprehensive range of lasers for cosmetic needs around the face.


Each of Prèface Cosmetic’s lasers are leaders in their field in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. We do not have nor do we believe in multi platform lasers/IPL which try to do many things, but fail to achieve their desired outcomes.


We offer Fraxel re:pair, Fraxel re:store, IPL Photorejuvenation, Medlite ND: Yag Dual Wavelength, Gemini & Norseld Dual Yellow Lasers and laser facials.