Fraxel re:pair

The Fraxel re:pair is a revolutionary laser treatment to correct deeper wrinkles, tighten skin and remove years from your appearance. It is a safer, more effective and more comfortable alternative to surgical procedures.


The benefits from this treatment include:

  • Smoother skin tone and texture
  • Tightened wrinkled and saggy skin
  • Softened frown lines and wrinkles
  • Improved age spots, sunspots and sun-induced redness


Results are immediate and progressive


Soon after treatment, the surface of your skin will feel softer, look brighter and show a more even tone.


Over three to six months, results will continue as the deeper layers of skin heal. Results can last for years depending on your age and skin condition.


How does it work?


Fraxel re:pair uses a high-intensity carbon dioxide laser. Thousands of microscopic laser columns penetrate deep into the skin to remove old and damaged skin cells. This stimulates the body’s own natural healing process, which replaces the cells with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.


How many treatments will I need?


Clinical studies suggest that for most people, maximum results are clearly visible after just one treatment.


Involved downtime: Two to three weeks. Full healing achieved after six to eight weeks. Down time can be shortened with our “Premium Package.”

About Laser Treatments at Preface


Preface has selected the most technologically advanced and comprehensive range of lasers for cosmetic needs around the face.


Each of Preface’s lasers are leaders in their field in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. We do not have nor do we believe in multi platforms lasers/IPL which try to do many things, but fail to achieve their desired outcomes.


At Preface we do not believe in compromise, and so we offer state of the art excellence in laser treatment.


At Preface we offer, Fraxel re:pair, Fraxel re:store, IPL Photorejuvenation, Medlite ND: Yag Dual Wavelength, Gemini & Norseld, Dual Yellow Lasers and laser facials.