Do Injectables Make You Look Younger?

Do Injectables Make You Look Younger?

Injectables Make You Look Younger – a Misconception


You’re full of fillers and anti-wrinkles and you think you look good?


Perhaps, but unlikely.

Apart from the fact you no longer look like you (because you’re all plumped and swollen), your injectables have done absolutely nothing to rejuvenate your facial skin or your underlying collagen. Your injectables are masking the ageing process in an unnatural way.

The ingredients of fillers may be based on substances found in Collagen, but don’t get confused. When you are filled with these substances, you’re not getting new collagen and your body is not making new collagen in any great amounts. All you are doing are filling up volume deficits in your face. There is no long term rejuvenation going on.

The collagen treatments offered by Preface Cosmetic stimulate your body to make new collagen which is naturally rejuvenating, long lasting and in fact makes you look better with time as you lay down more and more natural collagen.

Cosmetic treatments using your own body tissue offer similar results to anti-wrinkle and filler injections but in a more natural and long lasting way.