Lipofilling (Fat Transfer)

What is Lipofilling (Fat Transfer)?


Lipofilling, also known as Fat Grafting, presents a natural and effective alternative to traditional dermal fillers. In this procedure, the volumising substance utilised is your body’s own fat. Unlike dermal fillers, Lipofilling involves no artificial substances, providing a safe and autologous solution for enhancing facial contours.


The process begins with the extraction of excess fat from designated areas of your body. This harvested fat is then carefully purified before being re-injected into targeted facial regions, creating a fuller and more youthful appearance.


Beyond its volumising effects, Lipofilling offers an additional advantage—improved texture and tone of the overlying skin. This enhancement typically becomes more pronounced in the months following the treatment, contributing to a natural and long-lasting rejuvenation.

Lipofilling is designed to address the following:

How Does Lipofilling Work?


Dr Hollenbach’s technique was derived initially from the pioneering Coleman fat transfer technique, but has been modified significantly. The process involves a combination of millifat and microfat transfer of fat by a variety of methods including the use of the Adi light which helps stimulate the growth factors in the fat before transferring them. Tiny aliquots of fat are then injected much as would be done with injection of dermal fillers in desired areas.


There will be a thorough assessment of the areas to be volumised and it is imperative to know how much fat needs to be transferred into these areas. Almost everybody will benefit from some fat injected into the cheek area and also into the temple area at the lateral parts of the eyebrows. In addition, filling is performed around the eyelid sulcus superiorly between the eyelid fold and the area above this beneath the brows and similarly around the tear trough area in the lower lids. Of course, tailoring is paramount according to individual desires and needs.


The treatment is performed either in a private hospital under general anaesthesia or in Dr Hollenbach’s rooms with a twilight anaesthesia.

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Some of our patients may benefit from a procedure called the Lipocube™ Nano™ which allows deposition of even finer aliquots of fat into more superficial subdermal tissues. Dr Hollenbach will advise you as to which is the preferable technique for your particular case.

What Are The Risks Involved With Lipofilling?

Lipofilling/Fat Transfer procedures carry serious risks. It’s important to be aware of common risks so you are able to weigh up the benefits, risks and limitations of the procedure. Below is a list of possible complications and specific risks for Lipofilling/Fat Transfer. General risks and complications of surgical procedures can be found here. There may be complications that are not listed here and some lifestyle factors and medical conditions can cause greater risks. All possible risks and recovery will be discussed in detail at you appointment with Dr Hollenbach.


Risks of Lipofilling/Fat Transfer:

  • Blindness
  • Ischaemia of skin tissues resulting in permanent damage to the skin itself
  • Lumpiness around the injection sites
  • Asymmetry of the two sides of the face
  • Resorption of fat leading to less than ideal volumisation
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