Rejuvenate your Skin in your Lunch Break

Rejuvenate your Skin in your Lunch Break

Introducing Prèface Cosmetic’s range of high-end lunch time skin and collagen rejuvenation treatments.

These treatments are designed to address a broad range of skin concerns, require little to no downtime and are completed in under one hour.

Sally Cook, our dermal therapist will tailor a treatment plan to suit your skin beautification goals. Sally customises her approach to suit each client and is highly trained in developing medical-grade skincare programs to boost client results and achieve optimum skin health and longevity.


Read more about our range of lunch hour facial rejuvenation treatments:


Clear + Brilliant is a fractionated laser treatment that rejuvenates your skin by enhancing texture and skin tone, reducing the signs of aging to reveal fresh and glowing skin.

The eTwo combines Sublime skin contouring and Sublative rejuvenation (skin resurfacing) to give you smoother, brighter and firmer looking skin.

Pellevé is a skin tightening treatment delivering constant, gradual radiofrequency energy deep into the skin. This energy creates heat and stimulates new collagen.

Our laser facials rejuvenate the skin using either the Medlite Laser or the Norseld Dual Yellow Laser. They are quick and easy with no downtime.

Dermapen is a micro-needling device which uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin. The Dermapen skin needling treatment helps improve skin tightening, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

Prèface Cosmetic offers a range of medical-grade peels to address a variety of skin concerns. Enerpeel Cosmetic Peels delivers ingredients deep into the skin, transforming without excessive exfoliation and surface trauma.

Dermasweep is a precision non-invasive exfoliation and skin revitalising system, allowing various solutions to be infused deeper into the epidermis.

Omnilux Lights are mono wavelength LED lights which are absorbed by the skin and underlying dermis. Light therapy produces tightening, aids rejuvenation and can help with healing. It can also help with reducing active acne or sun damage.

We offer a range of clinical-grade masks, which are medically formulated and designed to calm, cool, soothe and hydrate.

Our facials are formulated over three levels and include LED light therapy. Whether you’re looking to address pigmentation, acne, fine lines, or to elevate your regular skin regime, Prèface Cosmetic will customise an Advanced Facial to your skin requirements.


We also offer several after-hour clinics to ensure you can come in for your treatments when it best suits you. Contact us to find out which treatment is best for you or to book in your lunch hour rejuvenation treatment with our dermal therapist.


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