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Our skin is our largest and most visible organ, yet it is often neglected. As we age – so too does our skin. Age spots , blemishes, dry, scaly skin and fine lines become more common, affecting our confidence and our health. If left untreated, the rough, dry sun damaged skin can turn into skin cancer. Once a skin cancer is removed , there is a greater risk of recurrence in the surrounding area. The good news is, that here at Preface we can assist you in repairing and protecting the skin from ageing and environmental damage. ”

Skin Medica

Skin Medica believes everyone deserves to have naturally radiant skin. They have dedicated years of research to effectively formulate technologically advanced skin care products for anti-aging skin rejuvenation.

Skin Medica believes that the main element in skin rejuvenation is growth factors. Growth factors play an integral role in skin’s natural ability to repair damage and are key anti-ageing actives in skin rejuvenation. Through meticulous research, SkinMedica can create a treatment regimen based on your skin condition and lifestyle that delivers optimal results for you.

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Allmedic is a scientifically developed system that cares and protects your skin from solar damage and ageing. Created by Australian Doctors who specialise in the areas of skin cancer, medical skin repair, cosmetology, molecular immunology and skin allergies, Allmedic is designed for Australian skin.

Allmedic is a simple, effective and affordable skin care program that repairs and protects your skin from ageing and the effects of sun damage. Allmedic products are free of dyes and allergens and are suitable for your face and body and can be used as either a general skin repair and protection regime or in conjunction with medical procedures such as photodynamic therapy, IPL laser treatments, medical micro dermabrasion and skin peels.

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Mara Aesthetics

Often after a treatment your skin can appear red, sensitive and dehydrated. The Skinfill mask contains ingredients to soothe and calm irritated skin while adding much needed moisture to hydrate your skin. The post-treatment mask delivers essential nutrients to your skin which may have been lost during a procedure, including collagen, antioxidants and skin hydrating agents. The Skinfill mask strengthens and beautifies your skin, leaving skin feeling soft, nourished and hydrated.

Ask about a Skinfill mask to complete your next treatment.

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Restylane has developed new skincare products with the patented NASHA technology which provides the ultimate solution for dehydrated and aging skin. It offers a full spectrum of products, from cleansing to pampering and moisturising, and from face care to hand care.

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Aspect Dr

Aspect Dr is an Australian owned skincare company that formulates clinical skincare products and peels tailored to support the skin and address all skin conditions.

Aspect Dr is a new direction in active, clinical grade skincare, formulated to include ingredients with proven anti-ageing qualities.

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