About Radiesse


Radiesse is a cosmetic dermal filler that lasts longer than the former leading filler. A next generation filler, it does more than just plump-up facial lines and wrinkles. That’s because only Radiesse has advanced calcium-based micro sphere technology that restores volume and naturally promotes the growth of the body’s own collagen.


A Radiesse treatment restores the fullness and youthful beauty of the face without surgery or the risks of permanent implants.

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About Cosmetic Dermal Fillers at Preface


Preface philosophy is generally at odds with the philospohy of dermal fillers. At Preface we believe there are more natural treatments for volumisation, without the side effects and which have more lasting effects and potentially can slow down the ageing process – something which fillers cannot generally do. Despite this we still offer a full range of Dermal Fillers for those of you that prefer these kinds of treatments.


Dr Hollenbach himself generally does not do these treatments except as an adjunct to surgery. However if you wish, our other clinicians will know which product is best for you and the area to be treated.


Cosmetic fillers can be used to treat the following areas: Forehead lines, Tear troughs, Lip Volume & Definition, Brows, Frown Lines, Nose, Mouth Frown, Marionette Lines & Jowl, Cheeks, Temples, Vertical Lip Lines, Neck, Naso-Labial Folds, Bunny lines, Chin crease, Chin and Jaw definition, Crows feet.


At Preface we use a range of products including Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm

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