Restylane Skin Care

About Restylane Skincare


Restylane is proud to present all new skincare products with patented NASHA technology, which provides you with the ultimate solution for dehydrated, and aged skin. It offers a full spectrum of useful products, from cleansing to pampering and moisturising, and from face care to hand care.

Your Skin’s Health


Our skin is our largest and most visible organ, yet it is often neglected. As we age- so too does our skin. Age spots, blemishes, dry, scaly skin and fine lines become more common, affecting our confidence and our health. If left untreated, the rough, dry sun damaged skin can turn into cancer. Once a skin cancer is removed, there is a greater risk of recurrence in the surrounding area. The good news is, that here at Prèface Cosmetic we can assist you in repairing and protecting the skin from ageing and environmental damage.

Discover the true condition of your skin