Skin Consultation

Discover the True Condition of Your Skin


Prèface Cosmetic offers in-depth skin consultations using the latest technology to provide you with a clinical photographic analysis of your skin’s condition. This allows us to accurately measure your treatment results, progress and even provide you with 3D imagery showing expected results before commencing your treatment plan.


We use two different types of analysis: recording of skin surface and subsurface conditions using the Visia Skin Analysis System and high-resolution 3D imaging using the Vectra Camera.

Visia Skin Analysis System

Using the Visia Skin Analysis System’s IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized and UV photography, we are able to develop an accurate record of your skin’s surface and subsurface condition. This reveals detailed mapping of underlying skin damage that may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.


Additionally, Visia’s RBX® Technology can accurately map out red and brown areas responsible for conditions such as inflammation, spider veins, pigmentation and discolouration on and beneath the surface of the skin.


Using this combined data, Dr Hollenbach will be able to provide you with a customised treatment plan to address your unique skin concerns, particular conditions and beautification goals. The Visia Skin Analysis System is subsequently used to track the true progress of your skin’s condition over time until your desired results are reached.

The Visia Skin Analysis System allows us to accurately view and map out various skin conditions.


Brown and red marks on the skin that vary in size and are usually visible to the naked eye.


Folds and creases in the skin that form as we age due to the degeneration of collagen.


Variations in the skin’s surface, which may be caused by various skin conditions.


The small openings in the skin which may become more visible when the skin is damaged.

UV Spots

Usually the result of repeated exposure to the sun, UV spots also effect the deeper layers of skin.

Brown Spots

Pigmentation and discolouration of the skin can be detected before it becomes visible.

Red Areas

Concentrated red areas may be related to a variety of skin conditions such as spider veins.


Porphyrins are bacterial excretions from P. acnes that can become lodged in the skin.

Vectra 3D Imaging

At Prèface Cosmetic we use the Vectra 3D imaging system to explore the likely visual outcomes of surgical procedures or injectable treatments. You will be able to accurately visualise your expectations and we can work together to achieve your desired outcomes of your surgery or treatments.


How it works:

The imaging process is quick and simple. First, the Vectra 3D photography system will capture an ultra high-resolution 3D colour image of your face. We will then apply a 3D simulation of the considered procedure to your image, giving you the best possible visualisation of post-surgery results.


It is also possible to apply 3D modelling for multiple surgical procedures or injectable treatments at one time, allowing you to consider more than one treatment to achieve your desired outcome.

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