About Tebiskin


Tebiskin is a range of skincare products available at Prèface Cosmetic. Tebiskin has developed advanced formulations that enhance and prolong the action of their active substances, for all types of skin.


Researched and developed to optimise the condition and activity of skin cells, targeting fibroblasts to optimise the fibre matrix and keratinocytes to boost skin condition. They also support skin immune integrity which protects the skin from foreign bodies attacking the skin and also reduces damage and ageing by the sun. This makes them more effective for treating particular skin conditions, as well as for maintaining healthy skin.

Your Skin’s Health


Our skin is our largest and most visible organ, yet it is often neglected. As we grow older, age spots, blemishes, dry, scaly skin and fine lines become more common. This can affect our confidence and our health.  Here at Prèface Cosmetic we can assist you in repairing and protecting the skin from ageing and environmental damage.

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