Gemini Laser

Gemini Laser


The Gemini Laser is precision laser therapy to remove areas of redness and superficial capillaries.


How does it work?


Laser treatments work by selectively heating vessel walls until they collapse and seal shut. The sealed vessel is then absorbed by the body over a period of months.


How many treatments do I need?


Most patients experience considerable improvement after 1 to 2 treatments, with 3 to 6 week intervals, depending upon the condition of the veins. There is no downtime associated with this procedure, but patients may experience some redness around treated areas.

The Gemini Laser is designed to address the following:

General skin damage

Skin redness


Broken capillaries



Acne rosacea

About Laser Skin Rejuvenation at Prèface Cosmetic


Prèface Cosmetic has selected the most technologically advanced and comprehensive range of lasers for cosmetic needs around the face.


Each of Prèface Cosmetic’s lasers are leaders in their field in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. We do not have nor do we believe in multi platform lasers/IPL which try to do many things, but fail to achieve their desired outcomes.


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We offer Fraxel re:pair, Fraxel re:store, IPL Photorejuvenation, Medlite ND: Yag Dual Wavelength, Gemini & Norseld Dual Yellow Lasers and laser facials.