Thread Lifts

We use ‘Promoitalia Revitalising Threads’ which are uniquely designed absorbable threads that gently move sagging tissues upward. The tissues are then suspended using a special technique, to achieve a relaxed and fresh, but natural, appearance. Additionally it preserves and enhances the natural contours of the face.


Threads are used to lift brows, cheeks, help elevate saggy jowls and help remove double chins. Like surgery, a local anaesthetic and sedation is required and thread lifts are usually performed in a day surgery.


Involved downtime: One to two weeks.

About Surgical Procedures at Preface


Surgical procedures which Dr Hollenbach offers are aimed at trimming away unwanted skin as well as tightening and lifting procedures. In this section we will also consider thread lifting.


All procedures are day stays at a surgical day centre requiring general anaesthesia, twilight anaesthesia and/or sedation. All surgical procedures have a varying amount of down time that can be reduced using the Preface “Premium Package”.


Our “Premium Package” involves preoperative, perioperative and post operative or post procedure strategies to reduce downtime and speed up healing. Combination treatments of Dermasweep, Microdermabrasion, Omnilux Lights, Enzyme Masks are used and mineral makeup can be applied to mask swelling, bruising and puffiness. We are happy to discuss these treatments further at the time of your consultation.


Preface offers Blepharoplasty, Thread Lift, Brow Lift, Cheek Lifts & Cheek Implants, Mini Facelift and Fat Transfer. Please speak to our specialized consultants for more information regarding these treatments.