Welcome Kylie Burgess

Welcome Kylie Burgess

We’re excited to extend a warm welcome to Kylie Burgess, who has joined Prèface Cosmetic as Integrated Practitioner/Dermal Therapist.⁠

About Kylie Burgess

Kylie has over 17 years industry experience and utilises Holistic Application, Strong Ethics, Integrity, and Quality Service.

Over many years, Kylie has witnessed our ever-evolving industry grow and introduce new technology and techniques, has kept updated and relevant, and can confirm what clinical treatments are most beneficial for presenting complaints.

Kylie’s philosophy is ‘any quick fix attempt will compromise the skin at some level’ and therefore applies a gentler yet effective approach at targeting skin concerns.

Kylie develops her protocols with her deep understanding of laser-tissue interaction and contributing factors that can impact individual results and outcomes.

By holistically treating skin with Repair and Regeneration protocols, clinical treatment results can be optimised, expected downtime and healing time can be reduced, and longevity can be achieved.

Kylie has teamed up with Dr Eugene Hollenbach to offer her unique, signature approach for reducing downtime for surgical procedures and laser resurfacing, for treating skin conditions, and for the removal of unwanted tattoos.

Immediate “Lunch Hour” facial rejuvenation appointments are now available with Kylie.

Lunch Hour Facial Treatments

Prèface Cosmetic offers a broad range of non-surgical facial skin and collagen rejuvenation treatments. Addressing a broad spectrum of skin concerns, these treatments are designed to be completed in under one hour and usually don’t require downtime.

Our Dermal Therapist and Integrated Practitioner Kylie Burgess will help arrange a treatment or treatment course tailored to your facial skin needs.

Kylie customises her approach to suit each client and is highly trained in developing medical-grade skincare programs to optimise clients results and achieve optimum skin health and longevity.

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