Clinical Grade Cosmeceuticals

All about our Cosmeceuticals


The term ‘cosmeceutical’ is derived from a combination of ‘cosmetic’ and ‘pharmaceutical’.


Our cosmeceuticals are clinical grade, meaning that they are only available through medical practitioners due to their high concentration of active ingredients.


Which cosmeceuticals will be right for you?


It’s important that you speak to our knowledgeable team to discuss your individual skin needs.


Prèface Cosmetic also offers in-depth skin consultations using imaging technology. This allows us to offer you an appropriate treatment plan.


Clinical grade cosmeceuticals at Prèface Cosmetic


we offer a range of scientifically developed cosmecuticals designed for particular skin concerns and desired outcomes. Allmedic, Obagi, Osmosis Enzyme Treatment, Restylane Skin Care, Tebiskin

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